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Prevalue Editor Settings

Prevalue Editor

Image Property Alias : The property alias to to use for the image url source. This can be a property on the same node, or if on content or media it can be a property further up the tree hierarachy - the closest property is used. This property can be an image upload, or any datatype that stores a relative url to an image. (If this is empty, then both the Height and Width must be specified).

Width : When specified, this will override the image width.

Height : When specified, this will override the image height.

Show Neighbours : When checked, a gray spot for every neighbouring ImagePoint type using the same image, will be shown on the image.

If either a Width or Height is > 0 and the other is set to 0, then dimension set to 0 will be calculated from the image so as to maintain the correct aspect ratio.

Content Editor

Content Editor

Image Point allows a marker to be placed on an image and positioned by dragging it or updating the X, Y textboxes. It can be removed by dragging it off the image or clearing the textboxes.

Example XML

<ImagePoint x="256" y="82" width="500" height="290" />

Strongly Typed Model

Whether you use uQuery, DynamicNode or the IPublishedContent Model a strongly typed object can be returned with the following properties:

bool	HasCoordinate
int? 	X
int? 	Y
int 	Width
int 	Height
byte 	PercentageX
byte 	PercentageY

The hierarchical nature of aquiring the image allows other data to be associated with any given point, for example by using this datatype in child nodes / media of an ancestor with an image.