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Want to contribute to uComponents? Great!

There are a few ways to contribute to the uComponents project:

For general support, please use the uComponents forum on Our Umbraco community website.


The uComponents team use Git source-control for our repository.

If you are new to Git, please take time to read the guide: Using Git on GitHub.

Clone the repository

To clone the uComponents project from GitHub, use the following command:

git clone

Once the repository has been cloned, your local working directory will be using the master branch. To switch to the latest development branch, use the following command:

git checkout develop


Our branching structure is as follows:

Branch Comment
master This branch contains the source-code for the latest stable release.
develop The latest development branch of the stable code-base, currently the v6.x releases of uComponents, which support Umbraco 6.0+ (on .NET 4.0).

Semantic Versioning Specification

We aim to use SemVer for our version numbering system. For more information about SemVar, please see:

Components migrated to the Umbraco

The following parts of uComponents have been migrated to the core Umbraco release.

For Umbraco v4.8.0:

  • Multi-Node Tree Picker
  • Multiple Textstring
  • Slider
  • XPath CheckBoxList
  • XPath DropDownList
  • uQuery

For Umbraco v4.9.0:

  • (Multi)Picker Relations

These components are still available in uComponents, accessible in the uComponents.Legacy assembly.

Umbraco compatibility

Details on uComponents compatibility with specific Umbraco versions, please see our Umbraco compatibility grid.