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uComponents is an open and collaborative project for creating components for Umbraco including data types, XSLT extensions, controls and more.

Containing over 30 data-types, 10 XSLT extension libraries, keyboard short-cuts, drag-n-drop functionality, as well as some great developer utilities - uComponents is one of the must-have packages for any Umbraco-powered website!

For developers, information about how to Contribute and develop for uComponents is available.

If you are looking for help and support on how to implement the various components, please use the Our Umbraco forum.

Data Types

The uComponents DataTypes aim to enhance the content editing experience of the Umbraco back-office.

XSLT Extensions

Umbraco development using XSLT can be extended with our library of XSLT extension methods.


Map & query nodes as strongly typed objects with minimal configuration.


uComponents controls can be used within Macros or directly in your ASP.NET pages and code.

Macro Engines

The uComponent Macro Engines implement a new approach to using Umbraco's Macro functionality.

Not Found Handlers

Looking for an innovative way to handle a 404 from Umbraco, check out these NotFoundHandlers.

UI Modules

Giving the Umbraco back-office a new lease of life; enables drag-n-drop, keyboard-shortcuts and intelligent TrayPeek™