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Prevalue Editor Settings

Prevalue Editor

XPath Start Node : (Required) The first matched node from this XPath expression will be used as the start node of the tree.

XPath Filter : (Optional) All nodes that match this XPath expression, and in the tree, will have an associated checkbox to allow selection.

Min Selection : (Required) Specifies the minimum number of nodes that must be selected.

Max Selection : (Required) Specifies the maximum number of nodes that can be selected (if set to 0, then this value is ignored).

Auto Selection : (Optional) When specified, this can be set to ‘Ensure Ancestors’ or ‘Ensure Descendants’. Ensure Ancestors, will auto select all check boxes that are ancestors of a selected node, whilst Ensure Descendants will auto select all nodes beneath a selected node.

Show Tree Icons : When checked, will show the node icon in the tree.

Expand Options : Defines the initial state of the tree, and if branches are open or closed. Can be set to ‘Collapse All’, ‘Expand All’ or ‘Expand Selected’.

Output Format : Defines how the data is saved, it can be either a CSV of node Ids, or an XML fragment.

Content Editor

Content Editor

Example Xml


Simon Antony’s post on how to use the CheckBoxTree.